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Certification Counsel for Professional Dog Trainers
Kim knows that training puppies really just means showing them what you would like them to do in a way
that makes sense to them. She believes that teaching puppies should never mean "dominating" them, but
rather providing them with the guidance they need to successfully live in a world built around human,
rather than canine sensibilities. When puppies do something that we don't like, it's never because they are
trying to "take over," or be naughty. Puppies simply do the things that make the most sense to them. They
lack the experience or knowledge necessary to do anything beyond that which comes naturally to them. It's
our job therefore, to help them understand how to get along with human beings; and our obligation to do
so with compassion and understanding; in a fun and nurturing way.
When working with her human clients, Kim helps them understand and see things from their puppy's
perspective. Often times, new puppy parents actually exacerbate natural "problem behaviors" (like nipping)
with their responses to those behaviors. No matter how smart, puppies can only see the world through the
eyes of a baby dog...and therefore, they are often confused by what THEY see to be OUR nonsensical and
inconsistent behavior. Puppies will make an effort to do the "right" things,
if we effectively communicate
to them what those things are, how they can be done, and then help them to feel good about doing them.
Using positive, reward-based training, Kim can teach you how to reward your puppy for the things
he/she does right, rather than waiting for them to make mistakes, and then reprimanding them.
Successful puppy training requires that a few core principals be adhered to:
  1. People need to understand why their puppies do what they do naturally. Understanding helps you to
    "see" things from your puppy's perspective, and to avoid sending conflicting messages.
  2. Develop and use effective management strategies, so puppy won't be free to express those natural
    undesirable behaviors when no one is watching. ( Chewing on furniture for instance.)
  3. Learn to be proactive rather than reactive. ie: Don't wait until puppy has done something "wrong"
    before providing them with information. Instead, guide your puppy to the type of behavior that you
    find desirable, and then repeatedly reinforce those desirable behaviors.
  4. Learn to identify, understand, and meet both the physical and the mental needs of your puppy. This
    includes the need for exercise, but also that of mental stimulation, as well as "emotional" support
    through properly conducted, healthy socialization that will help your puppy build confidence.
  5. HAVE FUN! And make sure your puppy does too!
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