Meet the Puppy Trainer and K9 Educator: Kim Rinehardt, CPDT-KA
Puppy Training in Southern California
Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, and the San Gabriel Valley
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Certification Counsel for Professional Dog Trainers
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Kim has worked professionally with animals for over 30 years. Her life-long passion for dogs found an outlet in 1978, when
she took a dog through obedience class for the first time. That experience was so rewarding that she found herself
seeking out opportunities to work with dogs whenever possible. Her aptitude for training was immediately apparent, and
soon others were asking her for help with their own pooches. Her genuine enthusiasm, coupled with her desire to help
people and their dogs, has made teaching a natural and very comfortable role for her to assume.

In an effort to learn as much as possible about the animals she adores, Kim has welcomed the opportunity to tackle new
challenges. In addition to training dogs, she is also an multi-award winning pet groomer. She has gathered valuable
handling experience performing anesthesia free teeth cleaning on animals; working in a cage-free doggie daycare facility;
and as a swim technician at a canine hydrotherapy and physical rehab center. Her training experience includes working
dogs in a variety of dog sports, where she has titled multiple dogs, and been the recipient of many awards. Some of her
interests have included competition obedience, dog agility, English working trials, scent work, and stock work.
Kim regularly works with dogs of all ages, but her favorite endeavor is that of teaching puppies.

To stay current with the latest techniques and research, Kim regularly attends training seminars, and reads a variety of
books and periodicals about behavior and training each year. She is certified through the CCPDT, an independent,
international testing and certification resource for animal training and behavior professionals. In addition to maintaining a
large network of animal health and behavior professionals to confer with, Kim is grateful to be a member of the Southern
California Dog Trainers Forum, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and the International Association of Animal
Behavior Consultants: all excellent resources for continuing education.
For Kim, helping people with their dogs is not merely a vocation, but more a true passion. In addition to donating her time and expertise to various animal causes and
rescue organizations, she has opened her home to several fosters, and has helped to find and appropriately place animals into forever homes.
The adorable puppies featured in the video on our homepage were a from a litter she rescued and raised.
As well as training dogs, Kim is the author of two blogs about dog behavior and training, as well as other pet related issues;
and along with her good friend and fellow dog trainer Laura, hosts the podcast series Doggie Dish, where they discuss a variety of dog behavior and training topics.
She currently shares her home with her own lovable "pack" of dogs, and her two rescue cats, Cheddar and Shadow, (a cat who thinks he's a dog.)
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